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Adaptogens 101

Adapto-what? You’ve probably heard the buzz word “adaptogens” a lot lately — and for good reason. Adaptogens are a unique group of herbs that support the body's ability to curb the damaging effects of stress, improve sleep quality, balance hormones, the list goes on and on.

From ashwagandha to reishi to schisandra, it can be overwhelming to know which ones are right for you. In our next Prep School we’re partnering with nutritionist and holistic chef Rachael Gorjestani to learn about the healing benefits of adaptogens as well as how to incorporate them into your daily life. We’re so excited to learn from Rachael who not only runs the The Cupboad, a wholesome meal and catering service, but most recently launched the adaptogen line, Goldmine.   

In this hand-on workshop you’ll learn:

  • The health benefits of adaptogens and which one(s) are right for you

  • How to make a golden-milk adaptogenic latte - and other ways to add adaptogens to beverages

  • How to make and enjoy adaptogenic dessert bliss balls

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*In addition to the golden milk latte and bliss balls, we’ll have small bites and tea to keep you fueled and fed throughout the workshop!