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The Art of Moving Slowly: A Mindfulness Workshop in the Kitchen

In our ever-demanding and fast-paced culture we are inundated with messages that rarely encourage us to actually slow down, take time off, and unplug. Which is why Prep School is partnering with life coach Allie Starketo explore how practicing mindfulness can help you find more inner peace.

Additionally, we’ll bring this sense of calm to the kitchen by learning how to make healthy nut butter truffles. Cooking is a great way to unplug after a busy day and forces you to be fully present in the moment.

In this interactive workshop you’ll learn:

  • How slowing down can ease stress and anxiety

  • Tips on practicing mindfulness (like cooking!)

  • How to mindfully make “dessert” truffles

Tickets available here

*Ticket price includes lentil soup provided by Mauerpark served at the beginning of class, truffles for dessert, and life coaching workshop from Allie Stark.