School's in Session: A Look Inside Prep School's First Cooking Class

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Have you ever had an idea that you just can't shake? For me, that was Prep School.  

The idea came to me when I was flying back home from New York. I was ready to get back into my healthy routine in SF but didn't feel like doing it alone. That's what sparked the idea for Prep School. A social wellness cooking club led by wellness bloggers and nutritionists. While the concept has evolved, the core has remained the same: give people the opportunity to come together, connect in person, and eat delicious food that is equally good for you. 

Fast forward a few months later, I was ready to kick off the first Prep School. Having planned events at Peerspace, I know the importance of finding the perfect space to bring an idea to life. Luckily, my coworker agreed to host the first Prep School in her beautiful airy loft. Partnering with functional nutritionist, Maya Jules, she schooled us in Quick & Easy Meals and how eating balanced and nutritious meals doesn't have to be complicated. We learned how to make purple sweet potato soup, cauliflower steaks with tahini dressing, and a seasonal salad with herb dressing (plus, coconut cashew bliss balls for dessert). See the dishes below: 

My goals for the class were a) have fun b) teach attendees unique and delicious ways to eat healthy c) create a space that allows people to connect in a more meaningful way. In order to achieve the last goal, I designed the event to encourage sharing and openness with one another. My highlight from the class was the Food for Thought portion where I presented this question:

What is your version of your best self? How do you get there? And what are some things that often get in the way?

Opening up the circle, I was amazed to see how vulnerable and real everyone was together. We found solace in the fact that while we all struggle with negative thoughts, it's the act of being open with one another that makes us feel more connected and less alone. One of my favorite quotes of the night: “I came in expecting to learn how to make healthy meals, and I walked out learning how to live a healthier life.” 

We ended the night with our bellies and hearts full plus lots of laughter (and wine). Can't wait to do it again! If you'd like to join the club, please introduce yourself here.  

A huge thank you to Margaret Austin who helped document the evening perfectly. To Nikki, our amazing host who not only believed in our mission but went above and beyond that night cleaning, prepping, and making sure everyone felt welcomed.  And finally, to Maya Jules, for helping me bring Prep School to life and sharing her wealth of wellness knowledge. If you’re looking to take your healthy efforts to the next level, Maya is currently accepting new clients for her concierge wellness practice. Meaning you can eat like this every night with Maya's help. Set up a call here.  

Couldn't have done it without each and everyone of you. 

Maya Jules (left) and Stephanie Wong (right). Follow along on our wellness journies on Instagram at  @my.oh.maya  and  @stephmwong  

Maya Jules (left) and Stephanie Wong (right). Follow along on our wellness journies on Instagram at @my.oh.maya and @stephmwong 

Photos by Margaret Austin Photography. View more photos in our Facebook album

Herbal tonic beverages from Sunwïnk 

Floral arrangements from Ampersand 

Location thanks to our host Nikki at Peerspace  




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