Prep School Coaches


ALLIE STARK- Life coach & Speaker

Life coach, speaker, and podcast host. Her work is centered around Reclaiming Your Instinct—focusing on quieting the clamor of social training and realigning with truth.  Allie's facilitation provides tools to support individuals and organizations to reconnect with their intuition.

Instagram: @allie_stark_wellness

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Erica Favela - holistic Nutritionist

Erica Favela uses food and physical well being as the starting place for individuals to come into alignment with living the best version of themselves. Her entry point into holistic living began as a Natural Foods Chef at Living Light Culinary Institute, and her horizons about food and nutrition expanded while becoming a Certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant at Bauman College. Her root-cause approach to healing and wellness continued to evolve through further training with the Functional Nutrition Alliance.

Instagram: @mytruewellness


Rachael Gorjestani - nutritionist & founder

Rachael is a trained nutritionist and holistic chef. She is passionate about food and the impact on our health, mental clarity, and wellbeing. She currently runs The Cupboard, a San Francisco based meal delivery service, and has recently launched Goldmine, an adaptogen product company. and

Instagram: @thecupboardsf


Lauren Kaneko-Jones - seasonal Wellness expert

Lauren Kaneko-Jones is a Seasonal Wellness Educator and Licensed Acupuncturist. She has worked closely with clients to teach them how to use food as a tool for healing and wellness. From her own journey she has seen that seasonal food can transform our health. She believes when Seasonal Wellness becomes a broader conversation we will have more space and expansion for deep healing.

Instagram: @wellinthewest


brooke wilson - natural chef

Brooke Wilson is a Holistic Nutritionist and Natural Chef and is passionate about sharing vibrant and nourishing food with others.  She works with people to teach them how to use food to support wellness including balancing blood sugar, stabilizing hormones, increasing energy, reducing stress, and optimizing fertility.  She believes that seasonal, organic, unprocessed, and local foods are the key to health.

Instagram: @summerthymewellness


lila volkas - holistic nutritionist consultant

Lila Volkas Lila Volkas is a Holistic Nutritional Consultant, food writer and illustrator based in Berkeley. She believes food can be our best medicine. From having experienced a profound effect on her health from shifting what she eats, she loves working with clients and teaching workshops as a way of helping others deepen their relationship with what they put in their body.

Instagram: @lilavolkas


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